Car service

Varduva car service has over 10 years of experience in repairing and maintaining cars in addition to selling car related products of well established and high quality brands. We are always developing ourselves and our equipment  in order to provide our customers with highest possible quality of services, ensure pleasant driving and to make their cars to last as long as possible.

Our services:


  • Opel car warranty service
  • Car chassis and brake inspection by computer stand, repair
  • Wheel geometry control on the Hunter computer stand
  • Engine servicing, distribution belt replacement
  • Mufflers, clutch replacement, repair
  • Steering column restoration
  • Tire installation, balancing, repair
  • Generators and starters repair
  • Lights for lights
  • Car hook moto
  • Car preparation for technical inspection
  • Metal processing: turning, milling, drilling, threading.
  • Trading in car parts, tires and car chemicals.

We are selling products of following manufacturers: